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My name is 'Blind' John, no I'm not blind and its a long story as to how I got the nickname, and if you really must know then check out my blog, but I digress... (as you will learn Im good at this!) but in brief Im an old skate punk who should probably know better. Three years ago I decided to make a radical change and abandoned the rat race. I'm now forging a new path into building, repairing and servicing guitars. If you want the full in depth scoop then hit the interview page, if that many words aint your bag then dont worry... you've nearly finished this then you can go back to all the pretty pictures!

I originally trained, many moons ago, as a furniture designer/maker but life got in the way of actually doing this...as it usually does. So 25 years of wandering, working all the world hanging off the end of a rope on oil rigs, skyscrapers and the like doing untold shit, some of which you would never believe... Im back, a new me and as I said, Im now forging a new path, a path into building guitars, fixing guitars, in fact anything guitars!

Each and every piece is unique! I recycle old timber, upcycle old furniture... anywhere I can find usable timber to repurpose, recycle and reuse!​ I specialise in Relics, relic guitars that look like they are worn in, been to hell and back and somehow survived that and everything in-between. Relics that look like they've been built from timber from a 100 year old barn that burnt down 200 years ago!

So if you want a custom guitar be it 3 string, 4 string or 6 string then your in the right place! Even if you just want some irreverent nonsense then in that I can also guarantee satisfaction! We dont take ourselves too seriously around here, I tried being serious once and all I could get was construction work!

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Blues heritage and a Punk history

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