One of the most amazing works I’ve ever seen on this Cigar Box Guitar. Everything is perfect ! 

Muchly recommended !

Julien L,

Massachusetts USA

Bullets, Books and Blood

This was THE perfect buying experience for me. Ever. John, an authentic music lover, inspired me and was very helpful. At my request he prepared a 6' video expaining and playing his homemade cigar box guitar. The Black Pope sounded wild! I immediately was convinced that this not only was a visual masterpiece and ordered it on the spot. John sent it on monday and on friday it came in and again I was knocked of my feet since it came in a gorgeous tweed hardcase.

Manythanks Blind John!

Trikke J, Finland

The Black Pope

I can’t say enough about this beautifully created cigar-box guitar!! Beautiful workmanship, excellent quality, sound, and lightweight. The design is edgy, cool and charming. The tone in this delightfully unusual instrument is unique and pure!!! Thank you John. You rock!!❤️🎸👍🏻

Tracy Badger, Benton Kentucky USA

The White Lightning

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