Ok, so  while back I was challenged bu the boss to make a guitar from offcuts, bits I had around the workshop, nothing bought... so after the rules were set I was allowed to buy one pickup (as I was copletely out of stock) but EVERYTHING else had to come from the offcuts bin, spares and repairs boxes etc. Out of this 'The Rough Cut' was born.


Checker maple, oak, ash and mahogany small offset body making this almost parlour size... 25inch scale, nitro finished maple neck and unkown timber fretboard. Double bound, antique white edgeing and neck. Artec Dog ear P90, a hand beaten scratchplate and single volume control gives you nothing but the raw sound...


If you want a guitar from me but cant afford a custom then how about this prototype? Its not quite to the same finish as a custom order would be but it still plays and sounds epic!


Awesome and fun guitar to play and would make a great dedicated slide machine!


The Rough Cut