• Pearl


    Pearl.... named after the late great Janis Joplin...

    Rough around the edges, maybe a bit fucked up... (ok maybe a lot but hey...) but a vocal range thts out of this world...


    Well Pearl may look like shes only a basic Tele D'luxe... but she hides a couple of Oak Grigsby 5 way switch, gives you the stock 3 positions but with the addition of a coil split True Grit bridge pickup and Brute Force neck pickup with an out of phase position both handmade by BareKnuckle Pickups, giving this everything from a classic dark country Tele twang to mental metal madness and everything inbetween.


    Two piece American black walnut body, heavy heavy 'sealed in' relic paint job which is essentially a heavy relic nitro paint job of Antique white, Pelham Blue, and antique light amber over shoreline gold. All painstakingly flattenned then covered in a dozen plus coats of lacquer to make it look and feel like its sealed in glass. 


    Lightly figured flame maple neck, two way truss rod, crelicam fingerboard, Fender med/tall frets, brass nut and Fender tuners with mismatched knobs.2 pearl and 4 chrome.


    Control plate, knobs and neck plate all handmade in relic'd 3 mm brass by the ever talented Hudson Unique.


    Worldwide shipping available.


    Ships in a hard case.


    Own a stunning and unique guitar.... handmade from scratch in the wilds of Suffolk.


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