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    Blind Johns take on the legendary Flying V!

    I always like to give my guitars a name... unique guitar deserves a unique name... and this is no different!
    Sherwood green, arrow shaped... Robin of Sherwood, or Robin Hood as hes popularly known was was actually 'Robin of Loxely' so 'Loxely' it became...


    Now this isnt one of my usual 'ground up builds'. Im used to starting with 3 pieces of timber and finishing up a few months later with a guitar... but not this time... I was kindly gifted a kit guitar body and neck by the legend that is Chris at Practical Patch, it needed some work as he put it... (unerstatement of the year) and after stripping it down completely, removing the neck, the paint, the fretboard, the inlays, the frets... everything was then redone, fretboard re-radiused, new frets, new celluloid inlays, fretboard glued, neck reset, body and neck stripped back to bare Ash, grain filled, flattenned, reprimed, repainted and relacquered. A new scratchplate and jack socket plate were handmade in satinised Aluminium and then the body 'relic'd in a 'Road Worn' look to appear to be 60 odd years old! The addition of the lush Bareknuckle pickups Boot Camp 'Old guard' humbuckers on CTS tone pots with genuine soviet era PIO tone capacitors give this brute of a beast tone for days!

    Want a genuine bargain price custom hand built Guitar from Blind John? Then here it is! 


    The Loxely!