Imagine if you will a Telecaster born in the 20s... thicker, hollow bodied with a walnut top for the jazz cats, shelac’d to a glasslike finish, lost but found again in a pawnshop in the 60s, repainted in TV yellow to match the guitars coming out of california, dieing the death of a bored teenagers next best thing only to be found again, in the back of a garage, treated like shit by the garage band punks of the 70s, repainted in gloss black for the hair rock bands of the 80s, left to rot by the grunge bands of the 90s, found again as an concept, a heritage of musical ideas…. 


This… is the Thickline


The Thickline is a horseshoe hollowbody around a short central centreblock. Up to 20mm thicker than Fenders Thinline and is my signature guitar. 


Choice of timber depends on current stock. Due to the nature of this guitar and the options available I insist on having a video or telephone call with all prospective clients before commencing this build. Once finalised I will create a custom listing for your guitar for you to go through the payment options.


For the initial disussion drop me an email on the contact us section or give me a call.


please allow 8-12 weeks for this guitar.


Further info on pickups can be found here; BareKnuckle Pickups


Ships in hard case