Always fancied your own bespoke guitar, tailor made to your requirements? Well your in the exact right place!


You pick your timber, hardware options, colour, desired finish and  choice of Bareknuckle hand wound pickups.


Bodies are either Alder or Poplar.

Necks are Flame Maple or baked Maple depending on stock with a choice of all Maple or with a Rosewood Fretboard. Fender Med/Tall frets, 9.5" Radius, 25" scale. Fender Road Worn tuners, relic Nickel Hardware throughout. 


Pickups are all by BareKnuckle Pickups and are hand wound here in the UK. Choices are as follows;


  • Jurassic Jazz '58 - lower gain, alnico v, heavy formvar wire.
  • Jurassic Rock '64 - alnico v, classic but moves to plain enamel wire, a bit more mids.
  • Jurassic Alt. '90 - stronger hybrid design using bar magnets, more power and mids. 

Please note: These pickups are not yet listed on the Bareknuckle website and are not yet available to the general public.Vintage spec is RWRP (hum-cancelling), but we can supply a 'stock' set if required. We can offer cream, parchment or black covers. Please add your choice of cover in the additional info section.


What you get is a custom handmade guitar from scratch, no CNCs in my workshop. I start out with 3 bits of Timber and finish with a guitar!


Each one is unique, each one hand built for you alone. Due to the hand relicing process even if you picked the exact same spec as smoeone else it will remain different as the wear and tear will be individual.


Pick from the dropdowns for options.


Further info on the pickups can be found here; 

BareKnuckle Pickups


Guitars ship in a hard case.


Pleae allow 6-8 weeks for construction of this Guitar.