Whats on the Bench

Well its done! #THEHOLYGHOST for the legend that is Ivan 'Pops' Hosoi.

Ive got to say this has been absolutely one of my favourite builds so far and I deeply in love with the sound of it acoustically! Plugged in Im always going to be biased as Ive got the same Vintage 90 by #ToneRider that is in my own Telecaster and I love them!

The box is an old oak wooden suitcase circa 1940 (I found a date inside!) I stabilised the lovely old patina with nitrocellulose sealer before 9 coats of antique white and 4 coats of ivory white and 6 coats of lacquer. To do the relic process properly you need to let the paint cure between colours and lacquer, around 7 days so factor in time if you want to do a relic properly! I had 3 weeks of downtime on this one! But it was worth it!

The actual relic process took me around 3 days with a lot of patience. The cone and cover were done by the seriously personable Richard Windley at #Arcadiaphon www.arcadiaphon.co.uk you really should check him out if your building a Reso! He's officially my goto guy for cones and covers! Great sound, great quality, good price and completely reliable!

Well his work looks great here! The acoustic sound of this is absolutely stunning! Sound holes two 1 inch grommets in gunmetal both are screen covered ,for reasons that elude me small pond holes seem to produce a louder sound... go figure!

Well the neck is a hand shaped 3 piece beech.maple.beech construction on a 3 piece oak.beech/oak heel shaped to a shallow C with a headstock extended by two pieces of purple heart slotted and scarfed.

The fretboard is a lovely piece of rosewood stained dark with a natural walnut dye and aged by hand. Plugged in I am biased to hell as this has the same #ToneRider Vintage 90 as I have in my own relic telecaster and as I said earlier... I love them!

The controls are 2 volume, one for the P90 and one for the piezo under the bridge and a master tone control with a vintage soviet era toecap by #MonsterTone giving this baby tone for days!

Well, Im just waiting on a delivery of cases and this will be winging its way to 'Pops' in Hawaii. This is now the second guitar he's bought from me so from me a special thanks to Pops as a repeat customer!

Just as a side note for all you old skateboarders out there, Pops Hosoi is the artist father to the legendary Christian Hosoi, 80s skater of legend, my hero at 17 and the first real rockstar of skating, nobody went higher and with more style than the inventor of the Christ Air...

Well, thats that finished so whats next..? well we got a good old bit of traditional luthiers to do... I fond an old Stellar Parlour Guitar on eBay that looked ok however sadly on arrival it was a dog of a guitar, the back came off, then i realised the fretboard had been replaced with plywood and formica! So she's so far been retraced, back regaled, fretboard removed and is looking fairly sad!

But with some work, care and love I reckon she's going to e a stunner!

Stay frosty folks and see ya next time...

Blind John Feb 2020

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