Whats on the Bench

Well Ive not updated this part for a while! Its been a busy time Im afraid what with guitar give-aways, trying to get custom orders out and take parts deliveries, food deliveries etc all without getting this fucking virus! I mean come on...for fucks I didn't survive the 90s rave scene just to be taken out by a virus named after a light mexican beer!

Anyway... for those interested after I digressed (I do that!) heres whats on the bench!!

First off Ive got this lovely little Ukulele, first traditional neck with a heel Ive made by hand from scratch. I had a nice lump of spruce that was just enough. Added a lovely offcut I had of highly figured black limba and here we are. Still needs fretting and the tail/bridge is glueing as we speak so hopefully I will have her fretted and pretty much finished by next weekend!

Well what else do we have... well I have a few projects ongoing to finish that have either been on the bench for a while. I picked up a lovely little parlour guitar on eBay until it arrived, the back fell off and I realised the fretboard was ply that had got wet and bubbled!

Do I send it back or do I totally restore it?

Yep... you guessed it... I kept it! Well come on... it had a lovely spruce top and sides, steel reinforced neck and I had all the spares.... so its become a labour of love that Ill probably keep... if the boss lets me!

Ive got the old fretboard off, reshaped the headstock and put a spalted sycamore fretboard on it. Im thinking black fret dots, vintage cream or ivory machine head knobs and a black/tobacco burst front, Ive to a lovely plain trapeze tail as well! So thats that... but Ive also got another on the bench... and its one Im really stuck on...

Its a duotone resonator and its currently in gold and I just dont do gold...!

Yet here she is in all her gold glory... no frets yet and the neck isn't finished. Is a Lignum Vitae neck with an ebony fingerboard. For those that dont know, Lignum Vitae is one of the densest woods there is, so dense it doesn't even float! It absolutely knocks the crap out of your tools! And added to that an ebony fingerboard as well...? I should have known better!

But now its gold... and Im not sure... so I appreciate any comments you guys may have!

There are other things but Ive not got around to them yet,

So until next time...

Blind John

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