Whats on the Bench - Jan 20

Well this week and probably next I'm working on a cracking new build!

I found an old wooden suitcase on eBay, when it arrived it turned out to be Oak! The handle and catches are original and it was just right for a resonator!

Then arrived the customer, a repeat customer for me which is always nice and a favourite customer as well. As some of you will know Im a skater, started way back in '76 and still skate to this day! Well a hero of mine back in the day was a certain #ChristianHosoi skate legend and first all round rockstar of the skateboard world! No-one flew as high (in many ways) as the Hosoi hammerhead!

Well as most people do Christian has a father, an artist and tireless charity worker #popshosoi Pops bought my big bodied electro acoustic #fatz #blindjohnsguitars last year and now this custom will be winging its way to Hawaii once finished. I'll post more pics as it goes!

If your interested in a custom guitar

then please feel free to drop me a line,

or even just let me know what you think!