What's on the bench...

Your non monthly digest of mishaps and mistakes and sometimes guitars I finish.

So... I dont hear you ask... whats on the bench John?

Well actually Ive a fair amount of shit to tell you this time!!

Now the new extension to the workshop is complete, Ive a lovely custom order that will soon be heading to a client in Arkansas... another guitar heading to the US! I do wonder why 80% of my guitars head stateside...?

Well... this time Im again building on what I learnt building the Barn Swallow for those who haven't seen it see below;

This was a guitar I used techniques I hadn't employed previously. I built this using more 'traditional' methods. Essentially I built a square acoustic guitar. The top is braced as you would a conventionally acoustic and sits on kerfed internal binding with the cone essentially floating above the neck. This gives a far bigger area of vibration thus giving a much bigger, fuller and louder sound. Something I completely fell in love with once I had completed it. The neck is still a through neck design for strength but the neck is recessed in such a way that the soundboard is not in contact with it at all, giving a much bigger area of resonance.

As such, the custom guitar employs the same technique but is not a resonator but should, in theory, give a much bigger and fuller acoustic sound!

The, as yet unnamed, guitar is a 4 string relic (as always!) with an oak sided body and back with a red cedar soundboard.Its current state, below, is curing the lacquer before another relic process occurs and the next stage which is the blue! Looking forward to that!!

So... I mentioned that there's a lot more to show... well indeed there is!

Im also working on a relic 6 string parlour guitar, the boss challenged me to build a guitar only from available stock in the workshop... no buying aloud! So the (again as yet unnamed) guitar is built with a scrap oak top, I utilised the knot holes for the sound holes. its a semi hollow and will have fully relic'd hardware throughout (I think) or maybe be a heavy relic with shiny hardware... Ive not decided yet... nor have I decided on the pickup. I have a new relationship with Bareknuckle pickups, an awesome British company that designs and builds all their pickups right here in the UK. They are a high end pickup so these will only be available in either my custom builds or very occasionally in my stock guitars (like this one) that are available only at Boneyard Emporium, please check out my partners non guitar related stock. There's a shit ton of things you will not be able to live without! Anyway, I digress, This six string has a Koto neck, semi hollow body and a single humbucker pickup, recessed tune-o-matic bridge and trapeze tail.

The final guitar on the bench has been affectionately named 'The Thingosaurus' mainly as I have no idea what its going to be... its a sort of reso-banjitar-lele-cuddly toy-fondue set-thing. Its a semi hollow body, full scale neck with open tuners and a large relic reso cone and cutaway. As yet Ive no idea about where this guitar is going but I guess Ill work it out eventually!

So there it is... whats on the bench... keep your eyes peeled for the guitars coming into the shop and new custom builds being ordered. In the mean time folks...

Stay frosty...

'Blind' John July 2020

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