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This collection of music-related products, ideas, builds and videos has been a long time coming but after much blood, sweat and tears its finally here.

I trained as a furniture designer and maker back in the day... and after a 25-year hiatus I’m back. Now I build guitars, custom amps and cabs, all from recycled materials. I have played guitar since I was 15 and know what sounds good and by now I really should know the bad as well! From Fenders to Frankenstrats, Gibsons to Chibsons and back I’ve played it all.

You may have guessed it bit Im a relic freak, if you want a shiny clean strat that looks like its straight out of the custom shop then your probably in the wrong place… if you want guitars that look like they have age, history and contain stories, then your in the right place. A 100-year-old oak drawer front becomes the neck or a fret board; cigar or old cutlery boxes become bodies; tables become electric guitar bodies and amplifier casings; and old barn doors become cabs. Imagine the history these incredible pieces of wood.The stories told around the table, the secrets held in that drawer!

Pictured; Shaggies Fretless, available from BoneYard Emporium

“But wait,” I hear you say. “Don't Cigar Box guitar players build their own guitars?” Some do, some and some don't and that’s where Blind Johns Guitars come in... anyway... Who says a cigar box guitar cant be high end?

Hand shaped necks with reclaimed exotic wood finger boards, high end pickups and machine heads that aren’t thrown together in a sweatshop… hand wired harness’ and genuine vintage tone caps, played through a hand wired harnesses and genuine vintage tone caps, played through a hand wired tube amp and coming out of a beautiful relic cab.

If you want a shiny clean Strat straight out of the custom shop then you’re in the wrong place. If you want guitars that have age and stories then you’re categorically in the right place. I also hate the prices that certain ‘Custom Shops’ charge, which price the average musician out. I will make you a unique guitar that you can afford and I can’t and won’t build the same guitar twice.

I also build 6 string relics with bodies made from reclaimed timber, as well as custom amplifiers and cabs that are hand wired and hand built. All my 6 strings feature ToneRider pickups, as do many of my cigar box guitars.

Why? Because I genuinely love how they sound, the quality is superb and they are British. I have the Vintage 90 (below) in my own hand built Telecaster and its awesome.

I will be launching a Kickstarter Project to raise funds for expansion. I have to farm out my CNC work to an external company and I want to bring this in-house, I need to expand the workshop to accomodate incoming orders in a better time frame, all bringing an extra dimension to Blind Johns Guitars. I also want to make bodies in-house, and do demos and launch new ideas to bring you the guitar player more choice.

There will be some amazing incentives for my backers that are exclusively priced for Kickstarter. I'll be explaining the incentives in a future blog post.

So… what else is coming?

Apart from the kickstarter campaign and incentive news, there will be features and step-by-step builds, giving you an in-depth look at how my designs come to life plus...

There is a ton of interviews lined up!! interviews about guitars, music, videos and life in general and with some truly awesome people Im proud to call friends.

Check out the interview section, the first interview is coming tomorrow with more to follow.

Plus Ive also got the Top 5s that will be updated regularly! The first is up now so go check it out! If you have ideas for Top 5s then let me know and I will see what I can do!

Like I said, I’ve got a blues heritage and a punk history, so sign up for the newsletter and never miss a blog post. I can’t promise world changing news but I can promise you some fun, conversation, interesting articles and ridiculous videos.

“Don't take life too seriously,” or as Jim Morrison once said.

“You’ve seen your birth, your life and death, you might recall all of the rest.

Did you have a good world when you died?”

“Enough to base a movie on?”

Jan '20

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