The Amazing Guitar Giveaway!!

Yep... we are giving away a guitar at Blind Johns Guitars with over £300!

If you fancy getting your hands on a one of a kind Blind Johns Guitars fretless Cigar Box Guitar then you have your chance right here!!

You will need to be on Instagram to do this so here is the deal!!

You will need to go onto Instagram and follow @BlindJP. Then go to my recent posts and find the Guitar Giveaway post. Once you have done this here are the rules!

1. Like the post

2. Share the post with the tag @BlindJP, this parts easier than you think! Just take a screenshot of the picture, and tag @BlindJP as mentioned above when you repost!

3. Sign up for the Blog (although you will already have done that if your here I hope!!)

and thats it!

Then come back on Friday 13th March for the live draw to find a winner.

The winner will need to pay for postage costs so the competition is open to anyone regardless of location!

So thats it folks!! Dont forget to come back for part two of our ChickenBone John Interview and stay tuned for performances filmed Live @thehunterclub from both ChickenBone John and #legendary_hollowbelly!

Plus we have interviews coming from Mr John Hollowbelly Farr (the man himself!) plus fingers crossed The King of the Cigar Box Guitar Mr Shane Speal. In the Maker2makeR series we also have Hubcap John and Steve Chilvers from Holy Grail Guitars and more!!

Plus the regular rants and raves from yours truly!

So thats it for this post folks!

Stay frosty and we will see you soon!

Blind John

If your interested in a custom guitar

then please feel free to drop me a line,

or even just let me know what you think!