Its March 316th 2020... isn't it?

Sometimes I wish my first words were 'quote...' so on my deathbed my last words could be '...end quote' Steven Wright, comedian.

Hello fellow humans and other assorted life forms…

I thought as we almost a month into this shitshow of 2021 that we would look back at certain aspects of 2020. I figured that as 2020 was such a momentous year (and the first few weeks of 21) that it deserved some workspace in my little blog. Im not self important enough to think that there are many people reading this except a couple of friends, 3 people who all live with their mothers, a conspiracy theorist who still thinks Trump won and the guy in Nigeria who keeps telling me Ive won the lottery and wants to give me 2 million dollars if I will only give him my bank details. So to all those lovely people I thank you for sticking with me.

Now I could go into politics, lets face it 2020 has been an amazing year in politics… we’ve seen nothing like it… its given comedians more material than probably any other year in history but I figure were all a bit politico’d out to be honest and there is so much more that happened in the last 12 months to discuss than ‘Orange man bad’, The Brexit(shit)show, the floppy haired twat who dreams of being ‘orange man bad’, Covid 1984 or the fact Ive still got neighbours banging their fucking pans at 8pm every Thursday interrupting whatever Netflix garbage Im currently binge watching that week… No… I thought I would get happy and talk about all the people we have lost in 2020… not that I am happy about it… that sounded better in my head!

Anyway, we all know a lot of them, James Bond is dead… (however good Daniel Craig is, Connery will always be MY Bond)

Pussy Galore is gone, you just couldn’t even SAY that in 2021 let alone make her a character in the latest blockbuster from the Disney studio (dont they make everything now?), and yes the sad loss of Chadwick Brosnan too, just to keep the woke crowd happy! So… I figured I would go through a few I was personally saddened to see had gone and who were an influence on my life in music and although some did get press coverage they should have I wanted to mention those that you may not have been aware of and didn’t get the press coverage they should have and obviously some who clearly did. EDIT: after starting this i realised it would be a monstrous read so as not to take up too much of you lovely people and other beings time Im now spitting this into a small series… lets begin with Part 1… as beginning with Part 3 would be just bloody stupid you know…?

So, I think (and this is in no particular order) we will start with Jack Sherman

For those of you who like me may be may be huge fans of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers (from day one) you should but may not have heard of Jack. Most fans know that shortly after their first album was made, the self titled Red Hot Chilli Peppers, founding guitarist Hillel Slovack left the band and then returned. But few know that Jack Sherman who toured with the band to promote the album and was rather unceremoniously fired also co wrote most of the next album (and one of my personal favourites) Freaky stlyley. Apparently he did not have the punk rock ethic the band required. I disagree and still love the albums he played on.

Next we have Toots Hibbert. Frederick Nathaniel "Toots" Hibbert, the Jamaican singer and songwriter from the incomparable reggae and ska band Toots and the Maytals. A reggae pioneer, he performed for six incredible decades and helped establish some of the fundamentals of reggae & ska, Hibbert's 1968 song "Do the Reggay" is even widely credited as the genesis of the genres name reggae. Ive got a particular love of 54-46 Was My Number although Pressure Drop, Funky Kingston and the always banging Louie Louie will never NOT be on any regae or summer playlist I have!

Next we have Mr Peter Green, this man should need no introduction and if he does then off you fuck, get your thick noggin onto the google and edumacate yourself, call yourself a guitarist or music lover and you’ve never heard of Peter Green… for fucks sake… OK… so go google Peter Green blues and come back when you have. For the rest of you? What can I say… Nobody, but NOBODY does ‘Need your love so bad’ quite like Peter Green…

Now then, we go back to my Punk roots with the first of two… firstly we have the sad loss of Joey Image, drummer of the utterly insanely superbly fucking & EPIC band The Misfits (can you tell I’m a fan?) although sadly monstrously self destructive (why are these people always such complete fuckups?) there are so many documentaries about the band, individual members etc that all tell the same story of booze and drugs (not that I can talk!) anyway... Joey is a sad loss and I will always be a fan! RIP.

If you were ever into the whole late 80s Shoegazing scene (I wasn't!) then you may have heard of the sad loss of Dave Roback the co-founder of the Mazzy Star, now even though I wasn't a fan of this particular niche genre of music where everyone listening shuffled round like depressed zombies looking at their shoes... I guess is was like Emo, you know, when your too pussy to be a Goth! Anyway I had a girlfriend at the time who introduced me to Mazzy Star. She was a mega fan and I got a lot of it played to death (or maybe I kust prayed for death...)

As I say I wasn't a fan of them in general but I fell in love with this track and Into Dust. There was an etherial beauty of the combination of her voice and Dave Robacks guitar that I loved. It kinda reminds me of a weird time in my life, bittersweet I guess.

Now we have nuber two on the 'Sad loss to Punk' list Sylvain Silvian of the New York Dolls.

Sometimes I listen to the Dolls and think they were more Rocky Horror than Rocky horror... Let alone Punk... but nonetheless they were a band that gave me, at least in part some of the basis of my Punk roots, all be it a lot later than when they were at their height... Im not that fucking old people!!

So... on that sad list of people who we wish were still here I will leave you with their music and the songs that they gave us....

Pat two coming soon....

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