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Its all got a bit new fangled...

Its the shock of the new... Someone

We'll folks its just a short one today...

as you may have noticed the sites got all classy on ya! I decided to have a revamp and this is the result... my better half thinks its a little better on the eye and Im inclined to agree!

So.... what is going on pathetic earthlings...?

Been ridiculously busy here with the site update, thawing out from an hour in the subzero icebox I call a workshop. I swear to god I've climbed warmer mountains in winter than that fucking shed.... its brutal! Between that and finishing guitars its been a busy few weeks and its just got busier! There's two cigar box guitars on the bench, a new Telecaster, a strip and relic project LPJ for my mate David and his mate the Devil

This should be a fun one!! He's sent me a brand spanking new Harley Benton Les Paul Junior and its gonna get the full Blind Johns Guitar Relic treatment and its all gonna be documented on here for your amusement! Heres the guitar...

as you can see she is absolutely spangled new... never touched and we got some swampy plans for this baby but first she gonna get stripped... and when I say stripped I MEAN STRIPPED!! We going back to bare timber people and Ive got absolutely NO IDEA what I am going to find timber wise under that hideous poi-coat so stay tuned for that!!

So... what else is new/ Well 'The Thickline' was finished and oh she were purdy...

We also have our first in the series of guest writers for this little blog and first up its the ever awesome Andy from the equally sick pedal emporium 'Funny Little Boxes' his guest post will be going up this weekend.

So good people on that note please tear yourself away from whatever screen your looking at and go do something productive, play a guitar, plug in a pedal, save a planet.... whatever...

Im sure you'll work it out!


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