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Updated: Jun 27, 2021

I’m a disorganized adult in recovery who has a hard time with self-discipline and struggles with routine. I’m used to chaos.. Brigette Phetasy

I dont think Ive ever used a quote at the start of a post that more accurately describes me better. I often thrive in chaos. But... its often something that makes me more unproductive than anything else. Sometimes the chaos is just chaos. Now is one of those times and I will put my hands in the air right now and say that Im currently moving from room to room getting ever more annoyed that I either cant remember what Im doing or getting sidetracked into something else (often pointless) that stops me from doing what I should be doing. When this happens is when I should be sitting down and writing this 'ere blog...


Ive got shitloads to do here at Blind Johns Guitars... Ive been productive... Ive been unproductive...

I need to do prioritise, I need to build, paint, write and play, guitars that is, not lego! Ive got housework and other adulting to do and Im still distracted by escaping chickens, cats wanting fuss or other conversations, sometimes in depth with one of the dogs. Focus John, focus...

As I said Ive been productive... so Im going to concentrate on that! Or at least try so please bare with me... I may get sidetracked by discussing the state of middle eastern politics with Moonshine the house rabbit.

Well two more Telecasters are complete... 'The Crow' and The 'Superlight in Red' and two more are on the bench... I have to say Im really super stoked on how both these turned out.

Both are up for sale on my Reverb shop although The Crow (no prizes for guessing which is which...) will be going off to Leigh Fuge for a comprehensive review on his YouTube channel.

Which, I will say now you really should check out, Leigh is a great guy who comes across on video as easy to watch without the 'Im a great guitarist and your not' vibe thats sprung up over lockdown with the plethora of new channels that have sprung up over lockdown. He reviews (honestly) guitars, amps, pedals etc and you get the impression he actually believes what he is saying and his lessons (which I will be doing some of when I get the time) are great. so as I say I urge you to check him out!

So, let me give you a rundown on the two guitars mentioned!

The Crow; my take on a '62 Telecaster with a P90 neck pickup.

This guitar is a heavyweight coming in at 4.8 kilos which is a tad lighter than a 58 Les Paul! Its got a 2 piece mahogany body with a stunning flame maple neck and a slab ebony fingerboard. Genuine mother of pearl dot markers and vintage white side dots.

A blackguard scratchplate, genuine fender bridge and control plate all painstakingly hand relic'd with my own secret relic process. The pickups are both by BareKnuckle Pickups

The P90 is the stunning Blue Note 90 is a smooth, warm P90 with a very open voice and touch sensitive dynamics, producing a fat but really articulate vintage soap bar tone. Although voiced primarily for blues and cleaner playing styles, the Blue Note 90s are more than capable of contemporary tones too. While the bridge pickup is the True Grit a cracking pickup with true what I would call traditional Tele tones! Both pickups are completely handmade and hand wound here in the UK.

The SuperLight in Red, so named as its Super light and Red... I know, clever right...?

is a southern yellow pine body that is light even for yellow pine that has a restored '80s neck that some clever bastard had decided to make into fretless... lets not even try to imagine why you would do that but till, its been stripped back to timber, reshaped back to a 9.5" radius fingerboard and refretted with Fender narrow tall frets before the classic Blind Johns relic process that involves refinishing in nitrocellulose so it appears brand new before reliving back painstakingly to a black over natural finish. The Body is finished in a very heavy relic candy apple red over shoreline gold with gold top accents to really make this guitar pop!

The pickups are hand made and hand wound by Dan at Underfluked Guitar,with the bridge pickup being a classic and traditional tele style pickup and the bridge... well... Ive always been a little underwhelmed by Tele neck pickups even though the Tele is without doubt my favourite guitar Ive always preferred either a bucker or a P90 in the neck position. However... Ive no idea what sort of magic smoke Dan imbued into this pickup but I love it! In fact I love it so much I was actually going to keep it and put it in one of my own guitars! But... I thought I would share the love and put it into this guitar, it goes from chiming highs to snarling dirt with everything in-between, Ive always struggled to express or describe how a pickup sounds but this just has something very special, it responds to pick attack superbly well, has a great low end and as I say chiming highs but its the middle area where I really think this pickup shines!

If you check out my instagram feed there is a short video of this baby in action!

So... what else has been complete? Well another Cigar box Guitar will be winging its way to the good Old U.S. of A. Ol' Salty is a cracking little four string with ToneRiders Birmingham humbucker coil split to give essentially two pickups in one.

Well I guess thats it for this post, both guitars above are available to buy through my Reverb store o just contact me directly and I will do you the best deal I can! Im very aware these guitars are luxury items and like the lovely choppers in a few of the above pictures they are what we want... not what we need.

So I will let you go and get back to my procrastination and wandering from room to room forgetting what I had gone in for and what I was doing. I hate being bipolar... its awesome!

Blind John, April 21

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