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"On the sixth day God created man, the sort of results that often happen if you work on a Saturday..."

Robert Brault

Well we are into February already! Workshops utter chaos (oh the joys of a 10 ft square shed as a workshop!) I really need to get a bigger workshop but still....

Ive got a custom guitar on the bench, 2 x 10 inch BarnWood cabs to build, one is off to Germany and one is for display and photos plus 2 more guitars 'kind of' on the bench for the shop! Which, incidentally if you haven't had a look at please do... BoneYard Emporium (shameless plug...)

It's my muse and partners shop for vintage oddities as well as my guitars! If your after a gift for Valentine's day, thats a bit different then Im sure there will be something there!

Plus I experienced a bizarro fault that Ive never experienced before in a guitar that was due to go out... easy solution, replace all the electrics and off she goes... always better safe than sorry, its your reputation after all! still it was a bizarre issue that Ive now got wired up on the bench for inspection!! I know... GEEK! ... But I just GOTS TA KNOW!!

Anyway I digress again... you may have noticed Im good at digression, procrastination a speciality you could say, anyway, as I was saying, we now have a BarnWood Junior Cab, a lovely little Heavyweight built cab housing a stunning little 6 inch Celestion speaker, perfect for your 1 watt amp. All packaged in my Vintage Barnwood style. If you like your tube amps at bedroom or practice volumes this is a great little cab for that! And its larger siblings... well they are heavyweight built, treat em rough and they are only going to look better!!

These will be available to custom order in 6, 10 and 12 inch varieties, the 10 and 12 inch will house a Celestion G10 Vintage and in your choice of Ohms rating. Contact me direct through here for prices.

Please note the Amp in the picture on the left is not for sale. It is my lovely 1 watt Blackstar HT1-R in a BarnWood Box. I love this little amp and it sounds epic through the little 6 inch cone!

Well this weekend was a good 'en I have to say, I got to see ChickenBone John's legendary Build and Play in a Day Workshop which I have to say if your new to building its a great little day out... (see plus this class had the benefit of the Legendary #HollowBelly_punkblues as the teacher for the end of the session. So this class got a lesson from the man himself! Not that Johns not a good teacher!

I managed to squeeze in a an interview with John over lunch so that will be going up at in a couple of days for your enjoyment!

Barnwood 10

Well thats rough of me prattling on about nothing! I got shit to do peoples!!

In the mean time here is The Mysterious #PHilBilly with WolfFoot on the Harmonica recorded live at the Hunter Club in Bury St Edmunds, this weekend. Enjoy...

Well thats me folks, stay frosty and Ill see you on the flip side!

Blind John

"Hands up if you're ready to do something you'll regret this weekend...!

Go forth... you have my blessing!"

Florence Welch

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