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Well its been an interesting few weeks, COVID 19 has ravaged the world, although I cant say the lockdown has affected me and the boss in terms of going out, we've been socially distant for years... but still, like all creatives, makers and such like, the lack of money people have to spend now has hit us both hard, as it has the entire world! But we are surviving and ticking over... just!

Fortunately I was given three quarters of a new shed by a neighbour so Ive been able to finally extend the workshop! Ive now got a 'clean side' and a 'dirty' side... HooYaa!!

So all works halted or a couple of weeks to complete that.

With the new workshop Ive still been working on guitars but for some reason the blog has suffered so to all you avid readers my apologies there...

(above) at work in the dirty side of the new workshop (Below) the new clean side!!

So, whats coming? I hear you ask? Well we have the interview I did a while back with the lovely Tracy Badger, a professional musician from Benton Kentucky who takes us on a journey through her lovely arsenal of wonderful guitars, Ive got a couple of custom orders on the bench which is good all round and a couple of guitars in progress for the shop.

For those that haven't seen them on instagram the 4 string duo-cone resonator named 'Gemini' is finished and up for sale as is a new 4 string resonator 'The Barn Swallow'.


Gemini is a stunning 1950s Oak cutlery box with two 4 inch cones and a floating bridge, its got a lignum vitae neck and an ebony fretboard coupled with a coil split ToneRider Humbucker and vintage soviet era Tone Cap she has tone for absolute days. Its a beast of a guitar and heavy... mainly due to the Lignum Vitae neck, Lignum Vitae is so dense it doesn't even float! So its heavy, but stunning!

The Barn Swallow is a new process for me, the soundboard and back are made in a 'traditional' way, rather than sitting on top of the neck. The soundboard is braced and the cone sites on that so the neck simply runs through the middle and is not in contact with the neck at all! This makes it acoustically LOUD! and is a process Im intend to employ far more in the future. She's an Oak sided box, the oak is from a restoration of a 200 year old barn so you could say its pretty well seasoned! The soundboard is English Walnut surrounded by white pearloid binding (mother of toilet seat to give it it's correct term!) with a hand spun Aluminium coned and hand made brass cover and tail. She has again a lignum vitae neck and figured Paduak fretboard and is either electric or acoustic. Acoustically she's stunning, loud as a reso should be and plugged in, the hand would humbucker is a cracker!

So... thats pretty much it for now folks! But keep your eyes open as more good shit is coming your way over the next few weeks!

Stay frosty people!

Blind John

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