5 Songs guaranteed to lift my mood

Few things are as powerful a mood changer as music.

How many of you have a song, a guilty pleasure, a feel good classic, a club banger that takes us 'back to the day'... that one song that can bring a tear to your eye or that can make you smile even when life's throwing you a curveball. Its an easy answer... almost all of us do. That song that makes us feel like it was written just for us. Ive had them all my life, Im a hopeless romantic, Im also a manic depressive so believe me Ive got lists forever on this subject!

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”

Albert Einstein

Ive been the kid playing air guitar in front of the mirror, long before I even picked up a real guitar... dreams of being a rock star, lets face it who hasn't....?

Be it the obligatory air guitar, a tennis racket, singing into a hairbrush... we've all been there.

Ive played in bands for fun, been 'semi-serious' with that thought in the very back of my head that 'maybe I'll make it, that 'maybe this isn't just fun. Not that I ever REALLY tried. The closest I ever got was a mention by the legendary DJ John Peel, not for talent, he pretty much said we sucked, but we did have the best punk name he'd heard in years. We were called 'Anal Phlegm'! Yep... a name to be proud of, well, maybe if your Jello Biafra (#deadkennedys), not so much my mother!

Anyway, music for me is and always will be part of my own therapy, so... in no particular order heres my top 5 songs guaranteed to lift my mood. Id be interested in hearing yours! Or your comments on mine!

Number 1

Feeling good Nina Simone

Its an instantly recognisable classic! The first few bars after the Accapella intro...| The big band comes in... spirits lifted!

Nothing like it! They certainly don't write em like they used too... and Nina, well... what can we say... words will never do her justice!


#feelinggood #ninasimone

Number 2

Crease in my bill The ShitKickers

Ive been a punk all my life and Ive been fan of Skate Punk music since I first set foot on a skateboard... way back in '76.

This song has great self deprecating lyrics, a country style backbeat, just makes me want to pick up my board and ride!

Never fails to raise a smile, particularly if I get to pick my board up and ride...as the saying goes....

Skate and destroy!


#shitkickers #thrasher #skateanddestroy

Number 3


Bobby Hebb

A favourite of mine and also a favourite of my partner the lovely #chinabones (more on her another time!)

What can I say except its a classic that just lifts the grey away!


This live version from 1972 is just incredible!

#bobbyhebb #sunny

Number 4

Fishermans Blues

The Waterboys

Just a sing along banger, pure and simple!


#fishermansblues #waterboys

Number 5

Pirate looks at 40

Jack Johnson

If your a surfer its a classic! Maybe not quite the next 'Endless Summer' but still a classic!

...and the soundtrack? Even if you're not a surfer its a blinder! and my favourite track... the Jimmy Buffet cover Pirate Looks at 40. Its the lyrics, they take me to many places, getting older, history, good friends, lost friends...

sometimes nostalgic, but always in a way that makes me smile... usually bittersweet.


#jackjohnson #jimmybuffet #piratelooksat40 #surfclassic

So there you have it, 5 tracks that are guaranteed to make me smile.

I'd love to hear your comments or requests for other Top 5's in the future

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or even just let me know what you think!